2006 Trends in Robotic Companions and Sexual Partners

In 2005 we watched the Japanese rollout several humanoid robots, which looked like people. They had mad some Butlers, Maids and Pleasant Woman Robots that could act as secretaries, home companions or perhaps something more. At the Tokyo Robotics show one company was handing out brochures for a secondary line of, well for lack of a better term; sex robots. And indeed the other companies with the maid Robots and secretary robots did seem to pay special attention to body features designing robots with shapely exteriors as their company greeters.

The maid robots too were well endowed by Japanese Genetic Standards and they appeared to be able to do all the things an iRobot vacuum could do, except they were much more fun to look at. 2005 did seem to bring us some of what Isaac Asimov had discussed with his characters in quite a few of his books.

In 2006 we will see this trend continue as the innate characteristics of man often think will various other parts of their anatomy besides their brains. Also for the price point you might expect some of these female robots to do a little more than simply say nice and pleasant things and sweep a little here and vacuum a little there. In 2006 we will see the arrival of the sex robot, which Japanese Robotics Firms will be the leaders in designing. So, think on this in 2006.