Homely People Make You Look Good

Having a homely spouse or companion at you side can open up a world of opportunity for you. There is no better way to appear attractive than to be seen in the company of a person that is unpleasant to the eye. In comparison you will shine out like the moon in a dark sky. Your whole world will be changed, when you see how well people treat you. Afterwards where ever you go, you will make sure that your homely person is close by. Because this trick has worked well for many other people who understand the magic of appearance, you also will have become a master of illusion.

Hollywood has often used the tricks of illusion to make their stars appear to be more attractive. A leading star usually has a companion who is either old or is just plain homely. In all his movies Elvis was surrounded with plain looking pals, it helped draw attention to the “king”, and it worked perfectly. The: “I love Lucy show” had an older couple “Fred and Ethel” they were placed in the show to highlight the main stars of the show: “Desi and Lucy”. This balance of attractive and unattractive is a great trick, and if it worked in Hollywood it will work for you.

The greatest sales teams have used a homely partner to draw attention to the star of the show. This method is often used by smart sales people who want to have the advantage of illusion in order to get a sale. The target of the sales presentation is repulsed by the unsightly half of the team and becomes magnetized by the looks and silvery words of the pleasant to the eye partner, the homelier the partner, the more dynamic the speaker. One large insurance company, that has their sales reps make house calls, has hired thousands of homely men to accompany their agents. The rate of sales has doubled since they have applied this illusion. The new profits have easily made up for the cost of the new hirings

Having a homely companion can also be useful in your social life, and it can produce fantastic results. If you are single and you want to go to a social event, make sure you bring your homely friend with you. People will be drawn toward you, and it is a sure bet that you will have a great time. If you are married to a homely spouse you will also create the illusion of being super attractive, since you are not available you might not want all the flirts you will be getting, but if you like the extra attention, be glad you married a homely person.

It might not be ethical using homely people to make yourself look more attractive, homely people have enough problems. But if being attractive is more important than being ethical, that is your choice—–enjoy the advantage.