Things You Need To Know About Home Health Care Careers

Do you know the difference between home care and home health care? Home Care is also known as social care or domiciliary care. It is a facility wherein non-medical personnel provide care. Home health care on the other hand refers to the facility run by medical professionals like nurses and medical doctors. The term home health care itself tackles varied topics in health care support. A home health care service is very popular today. They are available to help elderly and people who are physically and mentally incapable of performing daily tasks and routines. Many professionals are skilful to work in home health care facilities. Following are the different types of jobs evident in home health care services.

Registered Nurse

The most popular and common type of health professional is a registered nurse. Registered nurses are the most skilful among the staffs because they offer not just the basic needs of a patient but also they can check and supervise the patient’s general well-being and vital signs. Moreover, they are responsible for administering and giving the proper medication for the patient. The registered nurse is also skilled in utilizing and using health and medical equipment.

Home Care Aides

Another important staff is known as home care aides. Home care aides are best for health companion reasons, providing utmost service and assistance to regular living requirements, which include bathing and dressing. Furthermore, they are also familiar in giving nutritional diet for the aged people as well as executing a few cleaning errands to prevent illnesses to spread at home.

Homemakers – Home Companions

Another type of career is homemakers or home companions. These people do not usually attain formal education in caring for the elderly. Home companions acquired their skills only through experience in assisting and caring for old people. Attending to patient’s basic demands and executing house errands are the main responsibility of home companions. They report any untoward findings to the nurse in charge or any medical professional on duty.

Today, many health providers gain extensive background in physical or occupational therapy. If opting to apply in home care services, get a list of legitimate facilities near your area. You can get the information from a decent agency rightfully certified by the government. Check the requirements that they need. Also, inquire about the different benefits that professionals can acquire. A simple reminder, if you are not sure about the job description, do not apply.